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Line and Copy Editing

Once you are happy that you have addressed the big-picture issues such as story, plot, structure and characterisation, you will want to think about the process of line and copy editing.



Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Dialogue tags

Sentence flow, tone and rhythm

Word choice, usage and repetition

Perspective, point of view and tense

'Show, don't tell'

Character and setting

On returning your edited manuscript, we will also include an editorial report to discuss observations of your manuscript as a whole, and a style sheet to show what decisions have been made in regards to spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, hyphens and numbers.


Typical project prices range from £10-£15 per thousand words.

Prices will vary according to the level of work required and the estimated timeframe for completion of the project. When you send us a sample of your work, we will assess your editorial requirements and provide a full quote.

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