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Inky Blog Book of the Month: Onyeka and the Rise of the Rebels

Onyeka is on the run...

Having uncovered head teacher Dr Dòyìnbó’s hidden agenda behind the Academy of the Sun, Onyeka and her friends are on the run. But they’ve got bigger problems to worry about – they desperately need to find a way to restore Niyì's Ike superpower and they need to locate Onyeka’s missing parents.

When their last safe house is uncovered, Onyeka turns to the only potential allies they have left: the Rogues, a group of rebels that have been trying to expose Dr Dòyìnbó’s lies for years. Joining forces, will the two groups be able to defeat their shared nemesis, or is there a new danger on the horizon for the Solari?


Book of the Month for March brings us another stunning sequel. Onyeka and the Rise of the Rebels is a brilliant follow-up in the Onyeka series from the incredible Tọlá Okogwu. The first book takes us on a journey of fast-paced adventure as Onyeka discovers she can control her extraordinary hair with her mind. Having previously lived with self-consciousness and insecurity over her hair, she now realises it is actually her superpower.

Onyeka is taken to Nigeria to join the Academy of the Sun where other Solari – children with superpowers – are trained. An epic battle ensues when Onyeka and her friends discover the head teacher of the Academy, Dr Dòyìnbó, is the enemy they should really be fighting against. And in a terrible twist of fate, their very own superpowers are making them sick. The first book closes with Onyeka and friends on the run as they hide from Dr Dòyìnbó while trying to find a cure for their sickness.

The Rise of the Rebels brings us straight to the action with the friends still in hiding and planning how to save the rest of the Solari who remain under the influence of the villainous Dr Dòyìnbó.

A dazzling story about finding your power — Sophie Anderson

Onyeka is a fast-paced, high-tech adventure thrill ride like we haven't seen before. Its creativity and originality has generated interest in terms of adapting the story for the screen, and boy, what a movie this would make.

Tọlá Okogwu has created an elaborate and breathtaking world giving the reader a flavour of Onyeka's new life. Set against a beautiful Nigerian backdrop, futuristic technology is intermingled with traditional Nigerian culture and the effect is just wonderful.

Interweaved with the action is a true journey of self-discovery for Onyeka as she wrangles with friendships – old and new – and struggles to work out just who she can trust. Separated from her family and fearful for their safety, Onyeka must learn to turn to those around her, rather than blundering through problems on her own.

The superhero you've been waiting for — Kiran Millwood Hargrave

The Onyeka series has everything: a powerful Nigerian superhero, a girl discovering her place in the world, a crash-course in Pidgin English, superbly crafted characters, high-octane adventure, and satisfying resolutions.

One word of advice: I would strongly recommend that you read book one first. There is so much to learn about Onyeka's new world that readers may be lost if they jump straight in with book two. And then you get to enjoy both!

We are delighted to name Onyeka and the Rise of the Rebels as our Book of the Month for March, and with the third instalment due in March 2024, we can't wait to see where Onyeka's adventures will take her next.

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