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We'll help you turn the story you want to write into the book they'll love forever
We offer services in book coaching, manuscript critique, editing and proofreading.

At Inky Frog Editorial we specialise in children's fiction, helping you turn your story into a book that will be treasured.

We know what excites a preschooler, and how not to make a teenager's eyes roll.

From peppering plucky princess tales with sparkle and glitter, to finessing a slick secret agent story, we'll work with you to bring out the best in your writing, taking you from your first draft to your polished manuscript, ready to take to agents or publishers.

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Read our review of the gripping and powerful story, The Boy Who Didn't Want to Die by Peter Lantoschosen as the



Book of the Month for January

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Efficient, friendly and SO detailed in their proofreading. You can tell they're absolute perfectionists and that you're in safe hands.
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